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2018, February, 23

Rosemary can be planted in the open space, but it in the winter it will not survive. In the cold season it must be transferred to a room with a temperature not lower than +5 °C (+41 °F). But the best place to grow this herb all year round is the window sill of your kitchen.

Growing rosemary is carried out in spacious pots with drainage holes. The herb loves heat and a lot of light - the sill of the southern window will be more comfortable for it.

The herb doesn’t require any special care. It is enough to water it regularly and remove the weeds. Remember, that drought is better for rosemary than stagnant moisture. After you moist the soil, it must be slightly loosened.


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2018, January, 18

Poinsettia is the symbol of Christmas in different parts of the world. During the holiday it pleases with a whole bonfire of its flowers. Poinsettia is a plant of short daylight, so it blooms in winter during about 6 weeks.

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Rosemary reproduces by cuttings. You need to cut small cuttings (up to 7 cm) at the very beginning of summer and plant them in an easy nutritious ground in an inclined manner. Rooting takes place after 2 months.

You can buy rosemary in pots in our garden center in Guelph, Ontario, near Toronto. The plant will thank you for the regular care with the purification of air by its phytoncidal qualities.

If you felt the aroma of rosemary once, you can’t forget it. It smells of camphor and pine, and also has a pungent taste. It is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine.

In addition to its aromatic qualities, rosemary is also valued for its healing properties. It has a great effect on the digestion process, it is useful to hypotonic patients - it raises the pressure. If you are in stress, rosemary can improve the condition and relieve tensity.

Special qualities of rosemary

Special qualities of rosemary

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All of us are using spices while cooking. If you want to have at hand a fragrant and fresh rosemary year-round, you can buy it in our nursery. Rosemary in a pot does not require special care.

In our shop, the rosemary herb is presented in different types. We’ll tell you not only about its qualities, but also about the features of care and cultivation. All year round you can enjoy your family with dishes with an amazing aroma of rosemary.


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If you want the leaves of rosemary to be juicy and strong, provide the plant with plenty of light and clean air. The room, where the pot is located, should be regularly ventilated during the warm season.

If you want to get flowers of rosemary, it should be placed in a room with a temperature not higher than +15 °C (+59 °F). Also water it less often and don’t cut off the leaves.

Rosemary as a decorative plant also looks quite impressive. In addition, it is easy to form – it’s enough to trim stiffened shoots. Only the upper leaves and flowers are used in food.

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